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Logan County Health Department is a small office where each employee wears many hats. We take pride in the quality of care and the education that is shared at each and every appointment.  Our new schedule guarantees that we will have a nurse in the office every day Monday - Thursday during regular business hours.  At Logan County Health Department we take time to answer your questions and concerns. We look forward to serving you.

Office Visits

 ▪ Ear wash
 ▪ Toenail/fingernail care
 ▪ Urinalysis
 ▪ Hemoglobin
 ▪ Urine Pregnancy Testing
 ▪ Rash checks
 ▪ Ear checks
 ▪ Blood pressure screen
 ▪ Blood draws - Lab One Site
 ▪ Immunizations


Child Health

 ▪ Preschool/kindergarten physicals
 ▪ Kan-Be-Healthy
 ▪ Immunizations
 ▪ Blood lead screenings
 ▪ Blood draws
 ▪ DNA testing
 ▪ School nurse for USD #275

Home Visits

 ▪ Med Management Program.pdf
 ▪ Fill medication boxes
 ▪ Fill insulin syringes
 ▪ Order medication
 ▪ Monitor vital signs
 ▪ Toenail/fingernail care
 ▪ Dressing change
 ▪ Catheter change​

 ▪  Bathing

 ▪ Serve as liaison between patient and physician

Family Planning

 ▪ Income based sliding fee scale
 ▪ Annual physical/PAP
 ▪ Breast exam
 ▪ STD testing
 ▪ Birth control options
 ▪ Education

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