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Our Staff

​Rhonda Sperber

Office Manager

Rhonda is the Office Manager for Logan County Health Department. She will schedule your appointment, answer your questions and bill your insurance claims.

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Angie Kahle, RN Administrator

Angie is the newly appointed administrator after working at the hospital and the clinic.  Angie is a fearless leader and brings great energy to our team.


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Tobey Stramel, RN

Tobey is our newest RN and has hospital and ER experience. She will be providing home visits on Thursdays and will be in the office the other 3 days.    E-mail:

Brittany Siruta, RN
Brittany is our Senior RN. She works full time providing 2 days of home visits and 2 days in the office.  Brittany is energetic and a great asset to the health department.
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